Puerh tea, or Pu'er tea, sometimes called "Tuocha tea" in the West is a noble family of teas cultivated already for thousands of years in the mountains of the Yunnan province in southern China.

The last ten years, there is more and more interest for this tea in the West due to its benefits, including its beneficial effect on digestion, assimilation of fats and the significant drop in cholesterol and Triglycerides that its consumption may cause.

This is what big industries and marketing retained, a "miraculous diet tea". But puerh tea in China is much more than a simple medicinal plant, it has a very old, rich and fascinating culture.

Sometimes made from large and very old tea teas (and not from trees maintained in the shrubby state as is the case for most teas) puerh teas are unique in many ways including their ability to improve with age.

Puerh (or Pu'er) teas are a vast universe since ancient times, including a variety of vintages and a variety of regions from which they originate, mainly from the three major producing regions such as Pu'er (Simao), Lincang and Xishaungbanna, as well as the wide variety of regional techniques, and ancestral traditions which are behind this unique tea.

Based in Yunnan Province, the birthplace of tea puerh, our mission is to allow a better understanding, circulation and protection of the tea culture, a culture the Western world is starting to discover.

This is why we are managing, for more than 5 years now, several research programs concerning the present and the past of this tea. These programs include various domains such as the study of the productions areas, the study of natural and artificial cultivars (varieties) of tea trees growing in Yunnan mountains, the study of past and new methods surrounding the production of tea, meeting with different personalities in the puerh tea universe or the study of the culture of the ethnic minorities who, more than 1000 years ago, planted these tea trees in the Yunnan forests...

Until the publication of this vast collection of information, we publish for free the latest articles on this website.

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Olivier Schneider, founder and editor of www.puerh.fr

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