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This page is not a real translation but just an automatic translation generated by computer of the original article, written in French language! Its not good... but better than nothing!

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The price of tea is a bit like wine, it y for every price: tea which costs nothing, but not worth the trouble of being drunk, small inexpensive teas that can be enjoy a drink while we're not too demanding, teas more upscale for which it will put a little more expensive then the grands crus seemingly less affordable.

Where it starts to get complicated is that one buys not the finished product, in liquid form, a liter or 500ml of tea for example, but it will dry leaves'm even into drinking infusing . But it is the leaves that are bought and infusion of tea is consumed. The price of a cup of tea so naturally depends on the amount of leaves needed for this cup.

It is even more misleading in the case of a puerh (Pu Er tea) tea packed in 357g or 400g cake. Such packaging, although it takes a reduced size is indeed between 40 and 100 "doses" of tea (4 to 8 grams) for each of obtaining tea quality between 50cl and 3 liters. A puerh (Pu Er tea) cake, which can be kept for decades, allows produce up to 30 liters of tea!

This course puts much the price of tea, and often forget when we are faced with a cake puerh (Pu Er tea) 150 euros, that reduces the cup that ultimately costs a few cents!.

And because this is where things get complicated when the leaves are puerh (Pu Er tea) quality it is possible to infuse several times, and the quality of tea go, the more it will generally be possible to infuse leaves a many times. It is so rare for a high tea by range, eg bought two times more expensive than regular tea, enabling four times brewing ... that is ultimately a cup of end return this tea twice cheaper than a cup of regular tea!

How then get out there? Which tea are ultimately expensive to use although they seem cheap in store? What teas instead may be high despite cheaper one might think at first the purchase price? That ultimately costs a cup of a vintage or old tea?

To help you see clearly, I propose a very useful little tool, from a few parameters allows to know the price of your cup tea. To do this simply choose one of such type from the list or for a more customized result directly enter or edit values ​​depending on the price of a given tea and brew your habits.


Choose an example above or enter your own values ​​in the form below:

Quantity of tea (g) / infusion 100ml
Number of possible successive quality infusions:
pitcher 100ml Price:
Price per session: 0.07€ / 4cl tasting cup price: 0.0027€

Trying some parameters are quickly made several observations. We first note that whether even the most prestigious puerh (Pu Er tea) tea whether from old trees or it older vintages finally remain very affordable discount mug or tasting session and remain throughout largely below 1 euro /100ml !

Note also the high price of tea in bags of supermarket that appear finally more expensive that puerh (Pu Er tea) cheap or mid-range. Note also that in a number of cases this means months expensive to opt for a better quality tea , sold more to the cake but for a larger number of infusion, facing a first prize does not support many infusions.

There are more than test with your own teas and infusions settings ... good calculations!

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